Cellular Signal Repeaters and Boosters

wirelessextend-yx500Whether you have service vehicles traveling to remote areas or a large structure that interferes with wireless signals, a repeater or booster could help to clear up the problems. Used properly, these devices can boost the range and signal strength of most mobile phones or other devices when connecting to their cellular provider. If you have problems connecting, maintaining, or hearing your calls, contact us and see how we may be able to help you.


VOIP and Conferencing

polycom-top-voip-companyIn today’s business, communication with your staff, your customers and your vendors is the key to success. VOIP can help to make your communications more secure, cost less and give you a wide range of service features that may not be available through your local phone company. In addition, conferencing hardware and software can be a great way to conduct meetings and make presentations to people around the world or in the next building using video and virtual desktop sharing to convey ideas in ways you may never have thought possible.


Private Instant Messaging Systems

chat-instant-messaging-600x422Instant messaging is one of the fastest growing technologies in years. From Facebook to Skype, everyone loves the speed, convenience and practicality of IMs, but maybe you are worried about just who may be seeing your messages and the dangers that could cause. It is possible to have an internal, or web-accessible, secure instant messaging system for your business. Imagine being able to chat in real time with visitors to your website to answer sales questions or setup appointments for consultations; or maybe you just want a fast and efficient way to send internal communications to your employees as well as allow them file transfer and online presence services to tell when someone is away from the office, on a call or out to lunch. All of this and more is possible. Please contact us for a consultation on how this may be the time for your business to leave other instant messaging systems behind.